5 Questions you should be asking about your backups

For those who loathe the technical side of business, backing up your data can be confusing, time-consuming and a total headache. This can leave your backup plan as last priority until a disaster happens. Although it can feel like a daunting task, there are a few easy steps that will make the process seem easier! Make sure your backup system is working properly and you have a recovery process in place – to avoid an even bigger headache. There is nothing worse than losing important data, especially when it is your most important asset.

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If you have an IT company in place already doing the backups for you, ask them the details so you can be aware of the process.

If you have no IT in place, ask us for more information on backups for your system. We are more than happy to come and assess your backups without any obligation to purchase our services.

Want more information about backups, email us or call us at info@suresystems.ca or 403.5393.9688.