Avoid Unexpected IT Costs

With technology, there’s always the risk that old hardware is going to bites the bullet. Your server could fail, or your company does an acquisition which requires more desktops, laptops and mobile devices. All of these things, when unplanned - can add up to a hefty bill. Expenditures are inevitable, but if properly planned for, you won’t have to go crawling to your executive team begging for mercy.

Here are some tips to help you avoid unexpected IT costs:

Plan ahead.

A well-thought-out budget planning session with your team and IT service provider will help you forecast what the next one to two years will look like for your organization. Planning ahead for expected growth, new software, relocation or upgrades to hardware and services will help you stay on track and account for these expenditures as they pop up.

Account for an emergency.

Cyber-security is a huge issue right now. What happens if your network gets hacked or attacked by a virus? Recovery can cost you. Chances are your IT service provider will alert you to the possible risks and help you plan for this before disaster strikes. It’s likely they have different service plans and bundles based on the needs and size of your organization, so when emergencies arise you’re not paying high margins for unexpected support fees.

Anticipate upgrades and organizational changes.

When can you expect your hardware, systems, and software to be upgraded? Keeping track of purchases and software renewals will keep you on track so you can build it into each year's budget as needed.


The more information you provide to your IT service provider, the more equipped they are to help you plan for the future. Your monetary investment should match your business’ strategic priority areas.

A solid plan and budget will help you take control of unexpected expenditures. Review last year’s expenses and identify areas that could be reduced or reallocated. Keep a pulse on your organization's priorities so you can account for any new software, hardware and security measures.

Need help planning for the year ahead? Get in touch - we’re here to help you at any phase of your IT journey.