3 Reasons Why Email Signatures Matter

In today’s digital age, most business interactions take place via email. An email is a powerful tool for distribution of information and communication. It can be a first, or second touchpoint of introduction to a prospective client and people outside of your organization.

When you meet someone face-to-face, you exchange business cards and follow up with a phone call or email. Your email signature is just like handing out a business card each time you hit send. This is an opportunity for organizations to add another touch of branding and illustrate its professionalism. Email signatures are a valuable tool when executed correctly and here’s why:

Legitimacy of your business

When people receive emails from other people within your organization, its key that each signature looks exactly the same by implementing the same brand colors, logo, and layout. This cohesive look shows that your business is well established, and helps to build credibility. All employees should utilize the same layout, branding every email that comes out of your organization.

Quick Links and Access

Email signatures are a great place to include links to your website, social channels, phone number and even targeted campaigns. With the ability to add images, icons, and customizable text - you can direct recipients to areas that you place the greatest value on in a quick and convenient way. This makes it easy for the recipient to contact you and find information about your business.


Any opportunity to build positive brand recognition is a bonus. Each time an email is opened with your company-branded email signatures, the more people you are reaching with your brand. Think of email as a new marketing channel. Utilizing logos, colors and brand guidelines makes your email signature just another tool in your marketing toolbox. Keeping every signature on brand is key and creates an association of legitimacy and professionalism.

You want to keep your email signature simple - the key here is not to overwhelm with too much text or jarring images. When you consider email signatures to be a piece of marketing collateral, design, attention to detail and design are crucial to implementing it properly. We’ve all been recipients of email signatures that look a little off or have the image embedded wrong where it appears as an attachment within the email. It’s frustrating for the recipient and decreases the credibility of the sender.

To avoid user-error and ensure a simple design that is on brand, you can utilize email signature generating software, such as Xink Signatures. Products like Xink make it easy for your IT department to distribute email signatures company-wide, across email platforms and devices.

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