What the Experts are Spending Their IT Budgets on in 2018

Globalization, an increasingly mobile workplace and emerging trends in tech and IT will all play a factor in where IT experts will be investing their dollars this year. Things are looking good in IT land this year. With an increasing dependence on technology in the workplace, IT budgets look to be on the rise. Curious to see what organizations will be spending their tech dollars on? 

Check out the top budget list makers for 2018:


Hardware allocation takes the lead with 31% of IT budgets going towards desktops, laptops, servers, and networking. Smaller and mid-size companies are more likely to invest in desktops in 2018, whereas larger companies are looking at power and climate to enhance performance in the server room.


Upgrade/refresh cycles along with end-of-life of products and growth within the organization are driving forces behind plumping up the software budget. Productivity software and security is a top priority in 2018, especially for the small to mid-size businesses.  Virtualization and database systems take precedence for the larger organizations.

Hosted and Cloud-based Services

Online backup/recovery, productivity solutions, email and web hosting make up the top priorities in IT departments’ cloud services budget as more workloads are being supported by cloud-based infrastructure services. The ability to access data anywhere allows for better flexibility and reduces support burden on IT staff. It also provides better peace of mind as it enhances disaster recovery capabilities.

Managed IT Services

According to Deloitte, 31% of IT services were outsourced in 2017 – and we’re expected to see a further rise worldwide in the coming year. Why? More companies are moving towards cloud-based services and computing and rely on third parties to help manage their cloud-based infrastructure.  2018 is also seeing a “zero trust” security approach as cybercriminals continue to get more sophisticated. Having these services managed helps organizations feel secure and relieves the burden on their internal teams.  Managed hosting (12%), managed storage/backup (9%), managed hardware support and maintenance (9%) and managed security (9%) will be finding their ways into IT budgets this year.

New tech trends are on the rise; making room for plenty of opportunity and innovation. Of course, with any new tech come risks. We’re glad to see organizations realize this and are investing in security and software to keep their data and information safe.  How will you be spending your 2018 IT budget?

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*Stats collected from spiceworks.com