IT Infrastructure getting you down? | Five Issues, One Solution

For small and medium-sized business, wrapping your head around complex systems and keeping costs in check can be one big balancing act. We’ve come up with the top five reasons to explain why Nutanix Xpress is a one-stop solution that not only lowers your IT costs, but improves reliability, so you can keep your focus on innovation rather than worrying about keeping the lights on.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to switch to Nutanix Xpress, your an all-in-one IT platform:

Your Current Infrastructure Is Too Complex

Small, medium, large - whatever your company size, we’ve heard it all.

“If only we had a single platform that could meet our versatile workload needs, with one admin to manage and operate it while still completing their day-to-tasks.”

It’s a common pain point, and the more technology there is available, the more convoluted our systems get, and the more bodies we throw at it. When it comes to our IT systems, we tend to collect a variety of equipment, all from different decision makers.

Think about it like buying a car; do you purchase a Honda and have everything made and supported by a single manufacturer, or do you opt to build the ultimate FrankenCar - a Chevy engine in a Ford body with a Toyota Transmission? So why should your infrastructure be any different? By moving your infrastructure over to an all-in-one cloud-like platform, businesses can experience a seamless and complete offering that integrates server, storage, and virtualization that lowers IT costs while improving reliability.

Performance For The Future

The Nutanix Xpress system was designed without compromising quality or user experience while ensuring affordability for small-medium businesses. From built-in virtualization to easy integration with popular cloud service providers, this product is a future-proof solution to help our clients move away from years of excessive hypervisor licensing costs while bringing them into a faster, easily accessible data management system. This coupled with performance acceleration capabilities like data locality and capacity optimization techniques like dedeup and compression, customers can get a high performing, highly available future proof solution.

Lowered IT Costs + Improved Reliability

With less staff and downtime allocated to maintain your IT systems, you’re able to reduce overhead and increase efficiencies.  Legacy systems continue to drive businesses costs up, while platform like Xpress can be much smaller as you don’t require as much hardware, power, cooling or support. And the consumer-grade interface eliminates all day to day management. This is a huge differentiator when it comes to cost savings.

Buy What You Need, When You Need It

Converge, compute, virtualize and store everything in one data center as you need it. Test the waters and make smart purchasing decisions based on your unique business needs. As your business grows and changes, you can always update your product as you need it.

Achieve new levels of simplicity and a high-quality user experience from your technology. Find out more about our Nutanix Xpress system and see how simple is better.

Built-In Data Protection, Disaster Recovery & Resiliency

Another key integration with Nutanix Xpress is built-in data protection and disaster recovery. Nutanix Xpress eliminates the need for separate solutions to backup up and protects your applications. It has built-in capabilities like local and remote backup, unlimited VM-centric snapshots, asynchronous and synchronous replication. It also backups to a public cloud for long-term retention or for disaster recovery purposes.  In addition to data protection and disaster recovery, Xpress has ground-up resiliency features that ensure business continuity. This is a great benefit for business where staff may not available 24/7 to respond to hardware failures.

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