How to Find the Right Managed Service Provider for Your Company

Time is money, especially in the IT world. As demands for performance increase, companies great and small need a solution to keep their IT equipment up to date. To keep themselves ahead of the game, they must gather every resource possible into the development of their newest products and services.

Hence, businesses are turning to managed IT services, also known as a managed service provider (MSP) for that very purpose. Although it may seem like a good idea to go with whichever company comes up first when you conduct a Google search, the truth is that not all managed IT services are the same. As you run your company, how do you know which IT service is most appropriate for you? How do you get the most out of a managed IT service?

Here are some tips you can follow to help you choose the perfect MSP:

Remember That You Get What You Pay For

Logically, companies would want to spend less and gain more. In a market of MSPs that share very similar features, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest option. Instead, look for an MSP that doesn’t only care about technology, but your business as well. Make sure they understand your company goals and discuss how they can further enhance that goal. Allow them to see your situation from a business point of view and not only the technology point of view.

Make Sure They’re Up-To-Date

To be a leader, you need to have only the best. If you have an MSP that is lagging behind, you can’t stay ahead of the game. Find out if your managed service provider is up-to-date on the latest trends in technology. Make sure your MSP’s staff is well trained and familiar with the newest technical updates. 

Run Audits and Ask for Proof of Security

If your MSP claims to be secure, make sure they can prove their statement. Ask them to provide details regarding their certifications and reports. You can also ask them to provide an SSAE16 statement, a document describing the MSP’s real objectives and services they offer.

Know Your Goals

You must know what you want to achieve when hiring an MSP to decide which services you are going to keep and which services you can let go. Only keep the services that are relevant to you. For example, if your a company hell-bent on innovation, you would hand over email management to your MSP to allow for more resources in your own company to contribute. The other way works as well. If your company isn’t good at strategizing, hand it over to another service and let your staff perform normal processes.

Name Each Security Service You Need

If you have requested for backup services, know precisely where it is being backed up, how many backups there are, how long they are kept, and how long it will take to restore your data. Make sure you write all the answers on paper or a device so that you can always refer to it when needed.

It may seem tough to find the right MSP, but it is worth the search. Together, you can hand off procedures to a more experienced company, freeing your hands as a company to move forward quicker. This way, you will stay ahead against any competitor in the industry.

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