Is Your IT Service Provider Up-To-Speed?

Information Technology can be a complicated service. So, how do you know if your present IT provider is up to current standards? The right IT service provider can spare your company from downtime, loss of data, and other expensive and time-consuming disasters. But, how do you know if you are receiving the accurate provision? To evaluate your current provider, go through this list below:

Response Time:

When a disaster occurs, time is of the essence. Some providers can cause more issues with slow response times or be difficult to contact. Make sure your service provider comes within 1 Hour or less.


Just like everything else, IT should be constantly monitored. Not only when a disaster occurs, but to prevent such things happening. Make sure your service provider monitors your systems to prevent any developing problems.


What does your IT service cost? What exactly are you paying for? Don’t be blindsided by the cost of the service. Make sure your IT service provider provides proper invoices with detailed information on where the costs come from.


Don’t let your IT service provider complicate things. Make sure they explain what they are doing, and why. You need to be able to understand (at least some) of what is going on with your service.

Follow up:

Do they follow up on their services? After the job is done, do they make sure that the problem is fixed? Make sure your IT service provider is constantly in touch. Even just to check in on network status or their performance in supporting your company.


Your IT service provider must understand your business plan and your intentions for your company. Make sure they are on board for your plans. After every project, have them communicate with you on what went right and what didn’t.


Backup and disaster recovery need to be at the top of the list. Make sure your IT service provider make these a priority. 

Extra Staff:

If you need extra help, or your “regular guy” goes on vacation, what are your options? Ask your service provider to keep extra employees up to speed on your situation, in case of these circumstances.


Ask yourself, have they met my expectations? Is this the best service for my company? Trust your gut. If you don’t feel like your service provider is meeting your requirements, evaluate some others.


One of the most important elements of an IT provider is their guarantee. You need to make sure that they will stick to their promises and stand by their service.


If your current IT provider does not meet all these requirements, it is important to start looking elsewhere. IT is an essential part of your business function and needs to be as smooth and effective as possible.

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