Mobile Security Made Simple | Cisco Meraki

Mobility is key to being agile in today’s marketplace. Business is global, and most business connections are literally in our pocket. With this mobility, however, comes a host of security issues. To deal with mobile security, Cisco has developed Meraki, which is a systems manager that can help to guarantee the safety of your data, no matter where in the world you are.

The device management market (or enterprise mobility management, as it is now more commonly known) is maturing, and Cisco is growing along with it. With some device management systems, the solutions are powerful, including monitoring, management of applications, and implementation of security policies. The problem, however, with some of these systems is that it leaves an overwhelming amount of work for the IT team to follow up on. Cisco Meraki offers a robust set of tools for mobile management, but also makes it easy for IT to keep up.

Cisco has worked to make the mobile device management arena a more straightforward and uncomplicated place, and Meraki is the product of that work. Rather than having to deal with a massive IT project and the ballooning costs and time commitments that can come with such a project, Meraki is focused on simplifying the process, making it easier to manage a large number of devices.

The Meraki Systems Manager allows IT, groups, to identify which apps are permitted on the mobile devices, who needs what access, and how the devices are configured. With that in place, IT groups can then manage the devices with the Meraki Dashboard, making it easy to monitor without compromising time and data. Meraki is also able to manage multi-platform devices, so be it an iPhone, an Android, Mac or PC, Meraki can help manage them all.

Meraki makes it easy to configure the rest of your security deployment as well. With scalable endpoint configurations, Meraki helps restrict content, implement your VPN, and more. Rather than manually configuring devices, Meraki allows you to set up things like WPA2 and have the cloud push those settings to devices. You also have the confidence in knowing that your data is at your fingertips when you need it through on-device content management.

With all that Meraki has to offer, it makes sense to employ if your IT group has a large number of devices to manage. Don’t slow your business down with manual device management—get the Cisco Meraki mobile management device platform and discover the simplicity and solid security that Meraki has to offer.