Network Assessment

Are you unsure about the current health of your Network Environment- consider our Network Assessment?

Let us take the guess work out of prioritizing the pressing issues that are affecting your business with our Network Assessment!

This invaluable tool will ensure that all critical and potential issues within your environment will be uncovered immediately. A complete count of Hardware and Software allows us to identify any out of date equipment and understand key application problems that could be a potential threat to your business, all within the hour! Worried about security? Our Network Assessment is a quick install on one computer, so there is no need to install agents or other software on your network allowing for an unobtrusive assessment with no need for access to any business data or passwords.


  • Maximum of 50 Servers and Workstations [Windows Only]

  • Must be on a Windows domain

  • Network Administration Credentials required

  • All PC’s must be accessible via the Network

*Machines that are not available on the Network could face additional costs

*Some restrictions may apply, contact us for details on the Network Assessment!

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