Network Inventory

Feel like your Network Environment is a scattered mess and have no idea what you actually own?

We can help you track everything in your entire Network with our quick and painless Network Inventory!

With our Network Inventory you will get access to the ins and outs of what software and hardware you own, what the current value of these items are, as well as a snapshot of the overall health of all of these items. Our Network Inventory will help you prioritize what will need replacing in the near future as well as warn you about the status of your anti-virus, anti-spy, firewall, or PC capacity of you entire environment all within the hour!


  • PC Value Report - evaluates the RAM, age, value & more of all PC's

  • PC Health Report - Anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall & space status of all PC's

  • Software Tracking & OS Product Key Report & More

  • One-hour on-site Consultation with one of our Network Experts

  • Includes travel to one site in Calgary or surrounding area only*


  • Maximum of 10 Servers and Workstations [Windows Only]

  • Must be on a Windows domain

  • Network Administration Credentials required

  • All PC’s must be accessible via the Network*

  • Any al a carte options must be purchased prior to the Audit is completed*

Al a carte add-ons:


5 Pack


Linux PC

5 Pack


Windows   PC

5 Pack


Windows   PC

20 Pack


Custom Reporting


Custom Software Package Report

Windows Only & must be installed via MSI


*Some restrictions may apply, contact us for details

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