Your Office Move IT Checklist

Office moves can be exciting and yet a huge undertaking. New digs, new views  - a fresh start! You know what needs to get done and when you need to be out. But do you have a solid plan for moving your IT? Your IT is central to your business; don’t risk interruptions or downtime by not being prepared. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a little checklist to make sure you have all your ducks in a row well in advance of moving day.

IT checklist for an office move:

Step 1: Plan well in advance

Take a site visit to the new office. If you have one, bring along your IT consultant. This helps them know where to set up and you can be well aware of any issues that could pop up with the new configuration - giving you ample time to come up with a game plan.

Make note of the IT requirements for the new space:

How many phone lines?

What is the ideal setup for workstations?

Where is the best place for printers and routers?

Review cooling system for the server room

Step 2: Give Notice

It’s important you give your internet service providers, telecommunication carriers and your IT consultants at least two months lead time before the move. Set up call forwarding until your clients are aware of the new number changes.

Giving your providers plenty of time to transfer everything over means they can have you up and running before the CEO sits down at their new desk.

Step 3: Take stock of your inventory

Out with the old, in with the new - right? Chances are you have some old equipment collecting dust that you can finally part with. Take note of what equipment you have, what’s working and what needs to be replaced.

Look at the big picture - what requirements will you need for the next 3-5 years to accommodate expansion in the new space?

Step 4: Back it UP! Your data, that is

We can’t stress the importance of data backups enough. Now that you’re transporting an entire office worth of hardware, you’re prone to vulnerabilities. There could be a car accident, a leak, or your servers could get damaged during the transfer. Take precautions and make sure everything is backed up and transported separately from the original hardware.

Step 5: Get in and test your new network

Arrange for your IT consultant and service provider to be with you on the first day in the new office space. Chances are staff may have questions or difficulty with network connectivity, setting up their phones or connecting to new printers and devices.

Go through and check all the phone numbers are synced correctly, data has migrated over properly and that your website and intranet are online and operating smoothly.

Lastly, enjoy your new space and give yourself a pat on the back - you made it through an office move!

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