Small Business Equals Big Risks | Cyber Security

Big business, small business, oil company, non-profit or cupcake shop - no matter what kind or size, if you use the Internet, you’re at risk for a cyber attack. However, the stats show that if you’re a small business, you have more at stake.

Each year cybercriminals get more and more advanced, finding new ways to hack information for identity theft and banking scams. Only 50% of small businesses think they could be a target of cybercrime, although 90% believe that if it were to happen, it would have detrimental effects on their business. In 2016, 43% of cyber attacks were on small businesses. So what do they want? Well, your money of course. 

The best thing to do is implement cybersecurity best practices and protocols within your organization. To plan and understand the risks, you need to get an idea of what these hackers are looking for. They’re trying to find a way to infect computers, access systems, and compromise servers. This way they can retrieve contact lists, employee information, credit card information, financial/company banking information and information on your clients.

They have a number of ways of getting these things, most commonly through viruses, worms or trojans. Phishing scams and social engineering has become more prevalent thanks to social media and email. With these schemes, it’s even more crucial that your employees are educated on cyber safety.

Cyber Security Breach Cost for Small Businesses

With lost information also comes lost clients, a tarnished brand, increased recovery costs, and decreased revenue. Falling victim to a cyber attack has the potential to destroy your small business.

Don’t let this happen. Your employees are your first line of defense, they can make or break someone getting access to your company’s information. Protect your business. Provide cyber security training to employees, change passwords frequently and establish rules on using email safely.

If you would like help with cybersecurity training or to ensure your company is set up for success, connect with one of our Sure Systems representatives. We take data protection seriously.