Summer Server Room Cleanup

We’ve all seen those nightmare server rooms: outdated servers plugged into dusty outlets; wires and cables abound, but not a cable-tie in sight; a ball of tech that will take hours to sort out before you can even begin to see what’s what. If you have a server room like this, summer is the perfect time to attend to it. Come back from vacation to a bright, shiny server room.

Save Time and Money

If you’re setting up a server room from scratch, you have the advantage of doing it right the first time. If you’re taking over from another managed service provider who didn’t care as much as they should have when building up the server, you can show your client how it should be done. Every time something in the messy server room needs attention, your clients are paying someone to dig around for the right wire. Labeled, neat wires will ensure quick service calls, and less frustrated technicians.

Heat Kills Servers

If the last service provider left a confusion of wires and cables, chances are they didn’t think about ventilation either. Servers get hot, and if they aren’t cooled and ventilated properly, that heat shortens the lifespan of the server significantly. The server room shouldn’t be an afterthought, jammed into a closet—if that’s what you come across, make the case to your clients that a proper server room will save them money in the long run, and will also lessen the chance of server loss. A good server room is temperature- and humidity-controlled, which keeps the servers running optimally.

Control the Chaos

A clean server room isn’t just efficient, it shows that you are professional. A jumble of wires and a clutter of cables piled in a corner isn’t just a hazard, it looks amateur. A neat server room shows that you know what you’re doing system-wide, and that gives your clients confidence in your services. After all, if you are cleaning up the last provider’s mess, the cluster of chaos in the server room might have been part of why they got replaced. Do it right and develop a lasting relationship with your clients.

Do It Right

Ideally, the server room should have banks of servers, neatly arrayed on well-made, solid racks. They shouldn’t be just thrown up on cheap pressed-board shelves—a server hitting the floor is just as bad as a server overheating. Make sure the servers have enough room between and behind to run cables cleanly and to control the air flow. You should try to prolong the lifespan of the equipment, and proper placement of the servers will help with that.

When running the wires, use cable-ties and label them. Ensure there aren’t any kinked or hard looped cables and make them easily accessible. After all, you’re going to be the one maintaining any issues, so make it easy on yourself. Our clients shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the server room, and if we are doing our job right you won’t even think about it.

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