System Security Without the Worry | Cisco Umbrella

Putting your business online is no longer as easy as throwing out a shingle and taking what comes. Even things like choosing a service provider can affect how your business is conducted online. It helps to know what is happening with your data as it runs through your provider’s network. You don’t have to be an expert, but tweaking issues like using a robust DNS service rather than the one provided by your ISP can add to your peace of mind when it comes to data security.

Real System Security

To really know that your data is secure, turn to one of the most trusted names in IT: Cisco. With Cisco Umbrella, your data is protected in multiple ways. By running your business data through Cisco Umbrella rather than your ISP’s DNS, you are guaranteeing that you are using appropriate filtering and that your security is more robust. Potential attacks are diverted and there is less of what you don’t need or want to see.

Anti-Malware Anywhere

Cisco Umbrella provides superior anti-malware protection no matter where you go. Let’s face it, hackers aren’t going to hang up their hats any time soon. The ways in which malicious users try to infiltrate and steal data grows every day, and the Internet knows no real borders. This is important for businesses on the move, particularly for those traveling to countries with different laws around Internet use. With Cisco Umbrella, you can be confident that you have the best and most current malware protection available.

Content Filtering

Another one of the benefits of using Cisco Umbrella is the content filtering. Content filtering can be a good tool to keep employees on task, but it also can be used to make sure that no one is visiting any potentially threatening sites. Filtering isn’t just to make sure that employees are working instead of surfing—spoof websites and emails can dupe even the savviest and most diligent users. With Cisco Umbrella, you can rest assured that no one is being lured into a potentially damaging situation.

Cloud-Based Solution

As a cloud-based security system, Cisco Umbrella keeps you safe wherever you go. It also keeps your network organized, so that everything is running as it should, no matter where you are. As business increasingly relies on people to be outside a traditional office environment, it is comforting to know that with Cisco Umbrella, you can be covered no matter where you are and that your access to critical data will be protected.

Stops Viruses from Spreading

If a threat does somehow manage to infect a computer on your network, Cisco Umbrella can also help stop the spread of that threat. By stopping the connection to an attacker’ servers, Cisco Umbrella ensures that your data is a little compromised as possible. In addition, Umbrella can mitigate threats overall protocols, including direct-to-IP connections. This way, malware won’t have the chance to reach endpoints or infect your network.

Keep your business safe and secure—think about taking advantage of all that Cisco Umbrella has to offer.

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