The Dilemma: Business vs. Consumer Laptop?

The right laptop will make a great difference in running your small to mid-sized business effectively. The question is, will a consumer laptop meet all your needs? Or does your company require a business laptop, along with the high price tag, to function? Is the cost difference going to benefit your company, or would those funds be better served elsewhere? In order to best equip yourself and your staff, be aware of the features and technology you require before making your purchase. Here are some differences between consumer and business laptops to consider:



Will it last?

When your business is spending money on quality equipment, you need to take into consideration its lifespan.

Business laptops are made with better quality materials and reinforced hinges. They are equipped to handle the wear and tear of use with features such as shock protection and spill proof functionality. This is factored into the extra price.

Your business has to consider the price of that durability. However, premium consumer laptops are offering more durable models that can give you the durability without the cost of other unnecessary features.



How capable is it?

Business laptops come with performance enhancers for speed, resulting in a more effective work environment.

They have extra capable processors that make software more responsive. Whereas some consumer laptops can lag behind in comparison.

Business laptops also tend to be bought in a bulk transaction. When this happens, suppliers can often equip the laptops with custom hardware according to the buyers’ preference.

The display is also an important consideration for various companies’ performance. Business laptops come equipped with glossy or anti-glare displays. This can also be easier on the eyes when working for long periods of time.

However, if your primary function on the laptop is basic such as word processing or Internet research, these enhancements may not be of value to you.


Battery Life

How long is the charge?

Business laptops can provide you with a longer battery life. However, you may pay extra depending on how long you need it to last.

Consumer laptops tend to have a shorter battery life but may work for you. Some premium consumer laptops have surprisingly long batteries and can last you till your next charge.


Ports and Connectivity

How portable is it?

Business Laptops tend to have the latest connection technologies. These allow workers to stay on their network at work, during travel, and at home.

Many business laptops also come with docking stations that are a must for some business owners. If you work a lot behind a desk but need the mobility of a laptop, this can be your answer.

However, these can also be bought as third party devices for a consumer laptop.



How safe is it?

Again, business laptops excel in this category. Extra security features are put in to protect sensitive data in case it gets misplaced. Data can be erased remotely and files can be erased, protecting any information that is confidential.

However, consumer laptops can also be fitted with extra security features that can mimic that of business standard with an extra investment.


There is no magic solution to which laptop will best suit your specific needs. First, consider what is most important for your business to run successfully. Then, narrow down what is the most cost-effective for your needs.

Business laptops do provide a high performing, durable, and safe product at a costly premium. It might be easier to purchase and guarantee your success if time is of great importance and money isn’t the issue. However, with more premium features available and more options in the consumer laptop scope, this could be a smart option for your company.


If you still don’t know the answer, or you want more specifics on what laptop would suit your needs – ask us! Let us know more about you, and how we can assist with your IT needs.