The Importance of Having a UPS for your Server

It’s summertime, and with any luck, the weather will be warm. While that is great for vacations and being outside, it also means that a lot of energy gets consumed. Air conditioners and fans keep us cool, but the heavy use of power can cause power outages or brownouts. Keeping your server safe from a loss of power with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a good way to ensure that your server doesn’t go on vacation as well.

A UPS is essentially a go-between from the outlet to your server—power runs from your outlet through your UPS and to your server. There is also a battery in the UPS, hence the uninterrupted power supply in case there is a loss of electricity from the outlet. This means that everything keeps running in the event of a blackout or power variance. Even if you think that power outages are uncommon, here are some reasons that might change your mind about using a UPS.

Blackout Protection

Because of the included battery, a UPS will keep your server running in the event of a blackout. There is no way to really predict a loss of power—an accident with a power pole could cause it, but so could inclement weather like a windstorm, lightning, or heavy snow. The battery in the UPS will kick in whenever there is a power outage and will keep your business functioning when others might be affected.

Power Variance Protection

Spikes, surges, brownouts, and interference are all instances of power variances, and they can all affect your equipment. Power variances are beyond your control, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the effect they will have on your server. Using a UPS takes away that worry. The UPS acts a gatekeeper, making sure that a steady stream of reliable power is feeding your server.

Data Protection

When your server goes down, you may be risking the loss of critical data. A server breakdown is something you definitely don’t want, but if it happens, you want to be able to keep your data safe. With a UPS up and running, you can rest assured that your data hasn’t been annihilated by a lightning strike or a downed power pole.

Saving Work and Time

Imagine that you are about to put the final number in an invoice and your screen goes black—if you’re not using a UPS, all of the time and effort that you put into that invoice would be lost. If the power goes out, a UPS will give you time to save your work instead of having to redo it. The UPS will also save you the time it would take to reboot the server once the power finally comes back on.


Running a business relies on keeping a lot of balls in the air—the fewer worries you have, the better. With a UPS, you can take one worry off your plate, because you have the confidence in knowing that your whole system isn’t suddenly going to go dark. Consider using a UPS for your server and relax a little more this summer knowing that your data and equipment is safe from a sudden loss of power.