Top 10 IT Trends for 2018

The industry is buzzing about what technology will thrive in the year to come. Take a look at the below Top 10 IT Trends to see what will be dominating the IT world this year:

Cloud-Based Services on the Rise

With an increase in mobile work environments and storing data securely and remotely, the interest in cloud-based services will not be tapering off in 2018. In fact, according to, 66% of companies with 1,000-4,999 employees reported an increase in their 2018 hosted/cloud budgets. Simplifying systems within organizations is driving the demand for specific workload-centric management solutions that can run across multiple platforms; making the cloud an attractive option.

Digital Workspaces

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) is here folks. From voice-activated virtual assistants to facial recognition that customizes directions when you arrive at a meeting. The development and interest in this intelligence are on the rise (18% of organizations have adopted VR, and 13% have adopted AI according to stats from, and it’s something we can look forward to keeping an eye on over the next 12 months.

‘Zero Trust’ Security

Cyber-attacks are getting increasingly more sophisticated, which is forcing organizations to turn to the zero trust security model. Organizations will use this as an opportunity to re-examine their cybersecurity policies and processes, with more and more businesses turning to service providers to help implement and manage their security monitoring.

Adoption of IoT

The IoT “Internet of Things” allows for endless connections to take place – anything with an on/off switch is part of the IoT; from your cell phone, to washing machine, coffee maker, vehicles, etc. – with all of these connections and devices being able to talk to each other, it provides plenty of opportunities for advancement, and of course comes with its challenges, such as security. According to, 29% of organizations have adopted IoT, and an additional 19% plan to adopt it next year. We can expect to see a surge in new wireless technologies enabling IoT.

IT Automation

Speed over cost. In 2018 it’s expected we’ll see more firms move away from lengthy, in-depth total cost of ownership analyses, to choosing the technology they can leverage fastest. Utilizing IT Automation opens the door for more efficiency by accomplishing a task repeatedly without human intervention.

Digital transformation of the customer experience

There’s projected to be massive growth in businesses executing a clear digital strategy. Multiple, integrated touch points for customers to access your services will be the difference between the leaders and the laggers in 2018. An overwhelming 89% of organizations claim that this is critical to their survival. It is a top strategic priority says the dimension data 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmark Report.

Programmable infrastructures

With the advent of programmable data center infrastructure, more businesses will be considering network and security requirements during development. Programming will include applications to take advantage of software-defined infrastructure/virtual SAN.

Deception technologies

Deception technologies create fake credentials on an organization’s network, providing a solution to cyber-security issues. This technology makes it mathematically impossible for hackers to gain access to a legitimate set of user identities - cybercriminals will never know if they’ve hacked into real or fake accounts.

Software-defined wide area networks (WANs)

According to dimension data, 40% of businesses across the globe are expected to deploy software-defined wide area networks to connect offices to a central network or over large geographic distances. WAN connections previously used proprietary software, are now moving towards a “cloud” software.

Location-based mobile communication 

Wireless beacon technology (similar to Bluetooth) enables mobile devices to alert applications when you are in a certain area. Organizations are using this create targeted marketing campaigns to push out information to customers in real-time depending on their location. For this to really work seamlessly, businesses will need well-architected, stable wireless networks.

These trends will provide plenty of opportunity for innovation within businesses. Which trends will affect you? What are you excited to see more of? Let us help you answer these questions with a free consultation. Contact us today