What is EDR and Why Do You Need it?

Imagine that you are just about to launch your business online. You have ticked all the boxes:  you have secure connections, and you have confidence in the safety of your critical data. What’s missing? If you’re not including endpoint detection and response in your plan, you may be overlooking a crucial part of your online security.

 What is EDR?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is becoming integral to businesses that operate online. While keeping data secure online has always been an issue for Internet users, EDR represents a new group of solutions to respond to the ever-growing threats posed by those who want to steal your data. By examining the traffic on your network, EDR scrutinizes what’s coming and going, and sends an alarm if anything suspicious happens. Think of it as a digital watchdog.

Keep Business and Customer Data Safe

You want online traffic—that is how money is made, how customers get to know the product or service that you’re offering, and generally how a lot of business is done today. But not all visitors to your website have integrity, and some emails are meant to try and trick you into giving up confidential data. Through constant monitoring, EDR works to ensure that your business data, and the data of anyone you work with online, remains safe.

There are a few ways that people with ill intent will try to sniff out your data. For example, searching through your files and data, or spoofing an email in an attempt to get you to reveal something critical. Either way, you want to be able to detect the malicious act before it causes any problems, and that is where EDR comes in. EDR can help you recognize when something is awry in your network, and can also help keep you from being taken in by a fake email.

How EDR Works

If a threat is detected, EDR can help you investigate how and why the nasty element was introduced. In addition, if an odd procedure or system loop is discovered, the EDR can alert you to its presence. It is far better to find problems before they become major business headaches, and EDR is key to that by maintaining a vigilant watch on your network. After all, you can’t be running constant systems checks—you need an extra set of eyes, and that’s just what EDR is.

Key Benefits for EDR

To know that you are secure, there are clearly many benefits to using EDR. Advanced threat detection is becoming more and more commonplace, and when it comes to keeping your data safe, it pays to be on the cutting edge. Hackers are relentless, and EDR is just one of the tools you can use to mitigate threats as they evolve. If your provider isn’t using EDR, it might be time to ask them why not. When you are putting your business out there, make sure that you are reaping the benefits and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with using endpoint detection and response.

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