Who Benefits from an IT Service Agreement?

In life and in business, it's important to protect yourself.  Being proactive and protecting yourself at the beginning of your working relationship is key.

Here are four ways your business can benefit from an IT Service Agreement:

1. Save Money

In the long term, having a service agreement will save you money.  Part of your agreement will likely include maintenance.  Continual preventative maintenance on your IT systems will ensure that you get the most out of your IT systems, and equipment services.  Having a contract with your IT company will allow you to budget for maintenance costs ahead of time and to avoid reactionary service costs which add up quickly!

2. Save Time

Having a working relationship with your IT provider will ensure quicker response times.  In addition, as your relationship continues, your provider will become more knowledgeable about your company. This allows their team to solve problems faster, and more effectively. 

3. Be Protected in Case of an Emergency

In the case of an emergency, you'll be able to get help much faster than if you were to call on a per incident basis.  You'll already have a working relationship with your IT provider and they'll be able to handle your emergency more efficiently than a provider that doesn't know your business and doesn't already have access to your systems.

4. IT Breakup Protection 

Sometimes things don’t work out and you might want to part ways with your IT company. A service agreement can ensure that you get unbridled access to everything that is yours, including secure information and passwords.  It should be a simple turnkey process that allows you to easily bring on a new provider.

So who benefits from an IT Service Agreement?  A good IT Service Contract protects you, your customers, your equipment, and data.

For more information on what is included in Sure Systems Service Contracts or if you just want to pick our brains.