Why Having a Person Answering our Help Desk Makes All the Difference

We have all had one of those calls. You know, the ones where the automated “operator” keeps asking you to repeat your selection, and then when you finally get through, you’re put on hold in a long list of calls that “will be answered in the order they are received.” You hit speaker phone to listen to bad elevator music and know that the next who-knows-how-long will be wasted waiting for someone to get to your call.

Sure Systems knows that having a real person answer the phone can make a world of difference in terms of customer satisfaction. Customers call for a reason. If they have to go through a gamut of phone directories to get an answer to a question, you may lose the customer.

Sure Systems can provide a human being on the other end of the line, which is the quickest way to have a customer’s question answered.

Customers want Quick Solutions

If a customer has a problem, this is especially crucial. The last thing you want is a frustrated customer becoming more frustrated when they try to address their concerns. A live answering service means mitigation of potential problems, and gives customers the feeling that they are being heard rather than having to press zero and hope for an operator. A live operator can direct calls appropriately, and can also reassure your customers that they will be dealt with promptly.


Another benefit to using a live answering service instead of an automated service is time savings. If you are relying on an answering service, you will have a collection of messages taking up data space. You will then need to listen to all of the recorded messages, which can quickly become overwhelming. If a customer has an issue that requires prompt action, when will you get that message? At the end of the day? The next day?

Sure Systems can help you make sure that your customers talk to a person. Every. Time. Live answering service assured that your calls are being directed immediately to where they need to go, and that your customer’s needs will be addressed far quicker than with an automated service. Because we know how frustrating it is to sit on the phone, waiting and hoping that someone is going to pick up, and when they do, that it is someone who is going to be able to help. Contact Sure Systems to talk about the benefits of a live answering service—we promise someone will answer.