Why Patching is Crucial to your IT Security

Protecting your business is a top priority. When your IT systems are breached, your whole business is at risk. Hackers love looking for vulnerabilities, and unfortunately, security flaws can and do happen at any time. This is why installing timely updates and patches are critical to protecting your systems and just as important as anti-virus software.

What is patching?

Before ripped jeans were “fashionable”, if you ripped a hole in your pants your mom would sew a patch where the hole was and voila – you can wear your jeans out in public again! As the name implies, a patch covers a hole. In IT terms, this is a small piece of software that a company issues whenever a security flaw is uncovered. Installing this patch keeps hackers from doing any further damage and exploitation.

How do I know if I need a patch?

For years patches had to be installed manually, but today automatic updates are the more popular route and available as self-installing packages. You likely will not know if you “need” a patch; software companies typically don’t alert the public of a breach as that alerts hackers that there is an open vulnerability. This is why performing software updates as they are released is extremely important. Without the patch, your current software version is at risk of a cyber-attack. When you postpone your updates, you’re gambling with your IT systems.

But my systems appear to be working just fine – do I really need to spend money on patching?

New threats are constantly evolving. According to research, untrustworthy software is responsible for over 90% of data breaches worldwide. Just because something appears to be working, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintaining. The time may come when your systems are put to the test, and the cost of recovering from a cyberattack costs much more in time and money than if patching was regularly monitored and installed. 

We take security very seriously at Sure Systems. We are here to ensure our clients are protected and can go about their business days without worrying whether their IT systems are at risk or functioning properly. With ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and updates, you can feel at ease knowing your patches are taking place the moment they’re released.

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