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How much Risk Is Your Business at In a Digital-First Society?

If your business is anything like the hundreds that we have supported, there is a lot of potential risks that could leave you and your organizations. Having a CyberSecurity strategy is essential for businesses that are growing and scaling in 2019.


Cyber Attacks Cost Small and Medium-Sized Businesses an Average of $2,235,000.00

Here’s the reality of our business, a majority of people who reach out to us are reacting to a cyber intrusion. Most of the time, we can do something about it to fix the situation. Other times, it’s too late. It is a much less expensive and intelligent decision to be proactive in your cybersecurity strategy. Some of the top businesses in Calgary choose us to keep their businesses safe and secure to ensure business continuity.

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What Is Business Continuity?

This is your business’s ability to continue running core operations during and after a disaster has occurred. When the 2013 flood hit Calgary, our team was put to the test as many of our customers‘ IT had been hit. We initiate their disaster recovery plans and lockdown to weather the storm.

(We even housed some of our clients in our head office.)

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This Simple Secret That Other IT Companies Don’t Want You To Know Will Keep Your Company Data and Privacy Safe and Secure 

There are 2-parts to this secret…

Have you heard the saying “knowledge is power?” This hold’s a lot of weight in a cybersecurity conversation. You can have all of the systems and security measures in place, and if you click the wrong link, or submit the wrong form, you can instantly be compromised.

The best thing that you can do is become educated. It is our job to stay up to date with the latest innovations in technology, and we like to pass that knowledge down to you whether that’s on our blog, social media, or the events we host for our clients and their staff.

Knowing how to set a secure password, regularly backing up your data, or knowing what to do in a disaster situation, will be the best line of defense you can have.

Now, here is the second part…

Without the right systems and processes in place, you can have all the knowledge in the world, it won’t keep your protected considering how advanced hackers and cyber threats can be.

Windows Defender is no longer a viable option for entrepreneurs who are scaling their business and want to minimize their liability online.

If you want to start building your cybersecurity strategy, speak with one of our specialists and receive a free roadmap (Valued at $1,000.00).